Impact of ChatGPT on Learning Motivation

Teachers and Students' Voices




artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous learning, ChatGPT, motivation


Motivation drives most human activities, including foreign language learning, and it is affected by several intrinsic and extrinsic factors. This study investigated how ChatGPT impacts learning English. A quantitative research design was used to collect data from 80 teachers and students who had access to the ChatGPT in its very beginning phase in early 2023. The sample, selected in a non-probability sampling technique, responded to an online questionnaire. Findings showed that ChatGPT generally motivates learners to develop reading and writing skills. The respondents had neutral attitudes towards the effect of ChatGPT on developing listening and speaking skills. The findings suggest that ChatGPT-based teaching is motivational. ChatGPT should be used as a learning tool instead of fearing its negative impacts, which require further detailed investigations. Further research is required to explore more advantages of ChatGPT for other aspects of the language and illuminate its negative effects to help educators reduce them in English programs.



07.03.2023 — Updated on 18.03.2023


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Ali, J. K. M., Shamsan, M. A. A. . ., Hezam, T. A., & Mohammed, A. A. Q. (2023). Impact of ChatGPT on Learning Motivation: Teachers and Students’ Voices. Journal of English Studies in Arabia Felix, 2(1), 41–49. (Original work published March 11, 2023)




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