Blended Learning in EFL Programs in Yemen:

Learners’ Perceptions


  • Yasir Hassan Ahmed Al-Qudimi Aligarh Muslim Unversity
  • Shabana Hameed Aligarh Muslim Unversity



Blended learning (BL) has gained popularity in English instruction due to its ability to improve students’ learning outcomes and motivation. This study investigated Yemeni EFL students’ perceptions of learning English and the impact of using BL on their attitudes toward English learning. The sample comprised 51 Yemeni EFL students who received instructions at Resalty Academy, and data was collected from them using a questionnaire. Findings highlighted the effectiveness of BL in improving English language learning. The outcome of the study support EFL teachers in Yemen in developing tailored programs to meet the specific needs of their students. Based on the findings, it is safe to argue that implementing BL strategy in English language instruction enhances EFL students' perceptions of BL usefulness and ease of use, potentially leading to increased engagement and motivation in learning. Teachers and institutions are encouraged to prioritize integrating the BL approach into English language curricula to improve the overall learning experience for EFL students.




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Al-Qudimi, Y. H. A., & Hameed, S. (2024). Blended Learning in EFL Programs in Yemen:: Learners’ Perceptions . Journal of English Studies in Arabia Felix, 3(1), 28–42.