Home in the Poetry of Saudi Distinguished Poets

Abdullah Al-Faisal a Case in Point


  • Yahya Dahami Albaha University, Saudi Arabia




The homeland is represented in the poetry of poets who are passionate about its love in multiple images and different ways. This paper highlights Abdullah Al-Faisal's skill, familiarity, and competency through one of his famous poems, "The Redemption", demonstrating his allegiance to the great nation. Before returning to the career of Saudi poet Abdullah Al-Faisal, a brief discussion of poetry and homeland and its importance concerning poetry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is provided. The main concern of this study is Al-Faisal's The Redemption and its critical-analytical description. An analysis of selected lines of the poem illustrates the great spectrum and depth of the concept of the homeland in Al-Faisal's poetry. The study generally reflects Al-Faisal’s love for his country through his poetry, deep attachment to his nation, and unwavering loyalty. His poetic works are intended to inspire readers to live better lives and communicate with those in authority. The paper concludes that The Redemption exemplifies Al-Faisal’s poems of pride and affection for the homeland. The study promotes a taste for literary work that supports learners’ literary competence to portray their thoughts and imagination in verse. 




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Dahami, Y. (2024). Home in the Poetry of Saudi Distinguished Poets: Abdullah Al-Faisal a Case in Point . Journal of English Studies in Arabia Felix, 3(1), 13–23. https://doi.org/10.56540/jesaf.v3i1.89